Monday, June 11, 2007

Honoring Your Husband on Father's Day

"Mmmm" Carrot cake is his favorite. When I was growing up it seemed that finances were always an issue, but we could always anticipate our favorite dish on our birthday. Why not honor your husband with his favorite cake on Father's Day. The artofcookies has the best tasting Carrot Cake around Dallas, Texas, ask for Artherene. Get your orders in before Father's Day.

Other notable things that reflect honor on Father's Day could be simply allowing your husband to have a "day off". Letting him have a day without a "honey do" list or any expectations from us can create a refreshed feeling in your husband.

With many plans great expectations often follow. Many times when we plan the "perfect" day for our spouses it creates a sense of unfulfillment for us, that also translates to them, when responses or things don't follow the plan. So let Fathers Day be a day with no expectations placed your husband. I'm sure if the truth be known, and they would tell us, we would find out that an incredible amount of expectations are intrinsically felt by them merely based on gender only.

A handwritten note of affection and appreciation could capture our appreciation and respect for him. Keeping in mind that it is Father's Day, help the kids also write out or draw pictures reflecting their affection and appreciation for Dad. We have created our own cards by recycling cute images from other cards we have gotten throughout the year.

This are all such simple ways to make Fathers Day special for your husband. But, giving daily respect probably tops the the list. When we respect our husbands on a daily basis it makes honoring him on Father's Day seem like a piece of cake:)

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Steven said...

Wow, I like that! These are some really good tips and very well written!!!


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