Monday, November 5, 2007

His House Flooded

This morning, my 4yo noticed a table top plastic doll house that I had stored in the laundry room. So, he quickly informed me what he desired his morning playtime to include... the playhouse.

Mondays are Co Op days and very busy so I promised I would pull it down once we returned from my weekly volunteer duty at the Co Op. That promise allowed him to be very content. He didn't mentioned it again until after we had returned home. This in itself is major maturity in contentment for my 4yo. He usually will whine or ask repeatedly hoping for instant satisfaction.

So, as promised I retrieved the doll house and he played with it until naptime. Later on that evening during cleanup he asked if he could take a bath with the doll house. Remembering that I had last seen the tub still with toys and wash towel never put away my first thought was NO.

But my curiosity had me and I had to ask him, "Why do you want to take a bath with the doll house?" In the most matter of fact, boyish explorative voice he replied, "I want to have the house flood". To which I exclaimed, "Wow, you're going to make the house flood... How cool", "Yes, you may bathe with the doll house". By now I wanted to see the house flood too.

My 4yo seems to always be looking for ways to explain and study for himself things he sees on the news, reads in books or simply just imagines with his own creativity. Seeing things through the eyes of a 4yo is amazing.

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